“Micks gentle and kind heart is truly a gift. To know and feel safe and held during my sessions helped me to surrender deeper and deeper each time.

I felt his divine masculine and feminine work in such harmony to facilitate our sessions. I cannot express enough Mick’s ability to create a sacred and safe energetic holding. In my case the sessions were done via surrogate with Mick and a very dear friend of mine Katrina working potently together to receive the energies coming through on my behalf. I was seeking support for physical and emotional pain associated with a uterine fibroid – I was in a lot of pain through my womb and pelvis and I experienced a very noticeable decrease in that pain after just the one session. After 3 sessions I had deeply connected with the energy and emotions stored within the physical manifestation of the fibroid and begun to release the deeply held emotional trauma within it. It was a very empowering and healing experience. 

If you are wondering how powerful remote surrogate sessions are – They are amazing and highly effective!

Deep gratitude for Mick and Katrina.“