Michelle D

I have known Mick McLeod for a number of years and during that time have had many treatments off him including Kinesiolgy, Chakra Balancing, Shiatsu Massage and Hypnotherapy.

Mick has an amazing calming energy and a grounded and compassionate heart. He is very understanding in any circumstance and I can testify that he has helped me through some of the most traumatic times in my life and brought me from a state of severe anxiety and stress to calmness. He also works on deep emotional pain in the body to release as to move on to heal yourself. I also find I react very quickly to energy treatments. I can go from shock and anxiety to calm and trusting in the divine love very quickly.

Mick is a very caring person and friend and I feel his own life experiences are very beneficial to understand and not judge your circumstances in life, and I would totally recommend him to men as I feel he has a lot to offer, especially breaking patterns of the past.

I had hypnotherapy recently from Mick and I was amazed at hoe deep I got very quickly to shift toxic patterns in my subconscious. He has a very calming voice and excellent hypnotherapy skills.

I totally recommend Mick to anyone interested in healing their body and mind to live a better life.

Michelle D