I saw Mick after suffering a mental breakdown. I had physically, mentally and emotionally shut down due to several incredibly stressful events in the previous few months finally catching up on me. When I saw Mick we spoke about how I was feeling, I explained that although I was physically exhausted, the mental exhaustion was the worst. I was unable to stop my mind from racing and was completely overwhelmed by the simplest of thoughts and unable to see things clearly. Mick worked on me and found the deficiencies throughout my body. He worked to level these out and during my kinesiology treatment I experienced what can only be described as one truly incredible moment. I became so relaxed, not only my body physically, but my mind as well. I experienced a moment where not a single thought was in my mind. For the first time in months my mind was free from thought, I could hear the wind in the trees, the birds chirping outside, and in that moment I was left absolutely in awe of my own mind and how Mick had managed to calm it. It made me realize just how much I had been through mentally and physically during my breakdown. I almost cried in relief at how clear my mind finally was. In the days following I had a newfound strength both mentally and physically. My mind was clear and I was finally able to work through the things that has caused stress in my life, and ultimately caused me to breakdown. Most of all, clearing my mind allowed me to see things how they were, not how I perceived them to be. I was able to make conscious clear decisions and immediately felt the weight of the world start to lift off my shoulders. Mick checked in on me over the coming days and I had nothing but thanks to give him. I was finally starting to feel like myself and which each coming day I was becoming stronger mentally and physically. For anyone considering seeing Mick for a session, I cannot recommend him enough. He has a true gift and love for what he does and seeing first hand how much a session can help, is truly mind blowing. A session with Mick is a must for everyone!!!