Access Consciousness

Access Bars

“What if the clarity of our mind held the answer to everything we were seeking”?

Imagine a world where we replaced monkey mind, with all the senses we were gifted, in order to make decisions which aligned with our soul purpose?

Allowing ourselves the time to be still, to be present and to be mindful of all that is around us is what Bars can bring to you and your loved ones. Its the chance to honour yourself and be in allowance of all that is, all that can be and all that shall be.

Access bars connects with 32 different points on the head which relate to different areas in our life. Thru gentle touch, blood flow returns to these points allowing a sense of calm and space to flow throughout. In this space of allowance we get to the point of mindfulness which in turn brings more peace and freedom throughout our days,

Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas has expressed,

“The invitation of Access is to help you acknowledge ‘you’ as the infinite being you truly are and step into generating a life beyond the you, you think you are.

As an infinite being all things are possible all the time and you have total choice as you function from infinite perceiving, knowing, being and receiving.”

I look forward to sharing this unique and powerful approach to consciousness during my Bars Classes on the beautiful Gold Coast.