About Me

I want Michael McLeodto share with you how I went from being in pain and overcome with hurt, to being the empowered Soulful thinking MAN I am today.

So there I was waking up every morning feeling like I’d hadn’t slept at all because my body had been aching all night long and I couldn’t get any rest unless I took pain killers.

As I stared out my bedroom window, the birds were singing and the sun was beginning to rise over the trees and I had a realization.

I had been silently blaming my ex-wife for all that was wrong in my life and I was not taking any responsibility for the role I have played.

I knew I couldn’t keep living my life like this as it had been effecting my health and wellness for some time now. This had to stop today.

After trying many different therapies, I just knew there had to be one that worked for me.

That day, I made an appointment for some hypnotherapy. The following Sunday I was going to commit to myself to do whatever it took to change my situation.
I began preparing my mind by meditating, eating right and listening to my body in the lead up to the appointment.

The following weeks after the hypnotherapy program my body was already beginning to heal, the pain had reduced by 50% without drugs, my energy levels were increasing and my sense of wellbeing had never been better.

You no longer need to feel this physical pain, letting go of the past experiences which have caused you this grief, pain, resentment or sorrow is what will move your life forward in ways you can only imagine.

Talking about it is one way to move on and begin a new life which is pain free, filled with energy and passion and a new love for life. The other ways for your new life to begin are included in my SOULMAN program.

The SOULMAN program shows the 7 steps required to release and let go of the emotions and pain that no longer serve you.

Imagine having a pain free life. Being able to do activities you had not been able to do for years. To view life with your new mindset, to allow the ego to take a well deserved rest (god knows he deserves it) and to finally listen to your gut instinct.

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