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Michael McLeod



Michael is a natural healer. It is his instinct to heal. His entire philosophy of life is to heal.

Over the 20 years that I have known him, Michael has used many techniques. He has experimented, invented, combined and adapted, until he now has his own multi-faceted system.

Just being in Michael’s presence, makes me feel better. Then, he uses his Lemurian Healing and within the hour of the actual healing I become much better. This effect lasts for many days as my body incorporates the healing energy and takes it into itself.

Recently, I had my gall bladder removed. ‘Everyone’ said that after removal I would feel much better. I didn’t. I was suffering from chronic and acute abdominal pain. After one session with Michael, I felt much better, after the second session (a day later) I felt a wonderful release from the pain that had been in control of my body. Each day after that, without further sessions, I continued to improve. I can say that now I am fully recovered and rarely, if ever, suffer from abdominal/gut pain.

If you are suffering from a pain somewhere in the body (a symptom, he tells me, of blocked energy), I recommend a minimum of two sessions with Michael. He will find the blockage and then clear it so you will have your inner energy running unimpeded, resulting in your obvious, outer energy restored.

I have seen Michael on many occasions for some healing and counselling sessions.

Michael has been a very positive influence in my life, especially when I had a few personal issues going on at once.
I needed someone who could relate to my situation and hopefully give some guidance. I’m a mid 40’s male with heaps of life experiences and believed I could pull it all together but seem to struggle in some areas.

Michael noticed a lot of emotional blockages that was holding me back and even after a few treatments I instantly started feeling better and clear headed. 

If you want someone who is caring and very intuitive, especially with guy issues I would highly recommend


I have known Mick McLeod for a number of years and during that time have had many treatments off him including Kinesiolgy, Chakra Balancing, Shiatsu Massage and Hypnotherapy.

Mick has an amazing calming energy and a grounded and compassionate heart. He is very understanding in any circumstance and I can testify that he has helped me through some of the most traumatic times in my life and brought me from a state of severe anxiety and stress to calmness. He also works on deep emotional pain in the body to release as to move on to heal yourself. I also find I react very quickly to energy treatments. I can go from shock and anxiety to calm and trusting in the divine love very quickly.

Mick is a very caring person and friend and I feel his own life experiences are very beneficial to understand and not judge your circumstances in life, and I would totally recommend him to men as I feel he has a lot to offer, especially breaking patterns of the past.

I had hypnotherapy recently from Mick and I was amazed at hoe deep I got very quickly to shift toxic patterns in my subconscious. He has a very calming voice and excellent hypnotherapy skills.

I totally recommend Mick to anyone interested in healing their body and mind to live a better life.

Michelle D


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